The old church tower - Steinwenden, Germany


Welcome to my Deissinger genealogy site! My name is Eric Dysinger and I have been researching the Deissinger family tree in Germany and the United States for many years. The goal of my research to is to find the answers that will extend the Deissinger family tree, update existing information, and to provide background information that may paint a picture of how our ancestors lived in their era.

Please contact me through this site if you have any information that may help with my research or have any questions.

While I freely publish my research on this site, I only ask that if you use my information that you kindly give credit to my work. I put a lot of hours researching microfilm, maps, books, and other media avenues to get this information. Thank you!

Feature Articles

feature 1 Corrections to the Norm During the course of researching information in genealogy, you start with existing known information as a starting point. As I was doing this with the current Deissinger information, I found there were some items to existing Internet information needing correction.

feature 2 Striking Gold in Steinwenden Genealogy research has its rewards when new information is found and sometimes the reward is a gold mine. I was hoping to find new information, any new information, about Barthel Deissinger and his family in Steinwenden, Germany. After gaining access to the church records in Steinwenden, I did not realize what I was getting myself into in my research but the church records became a book I could not put down.

feature 3 Steinwenden History A history of Steinwenden, Germany through the ages. Originally written in German but translated to English. Includes information how Steinwenden got its name, information from the middle ages, and the population trends today

feature 4 Investigating Steinwenden A document about my first trip to Steinwenden, Germany in July 2012. I researched the grounds of where the old church stood and the old tower stands today. Included in this document are translations of the tower, Roman ruins, and information about the old cemetery.

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